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The Dissention

Some say the deathcore genre is overcrowded and maybe that’s true, but really it’s the strongest and hardest working bands that survive.  With Aegaeon, it sounds like they worked extra hard to get that good recording, and with “The Dissention” the production is outstanding and well-refined.  Awesome clarity and heaviness.  The song and riff writing is fairly typical of the genre, speedy blast beat sections, fast transitions, and breakdowns; but its the orchestration and sense of mood that sets Aegaeon apart from the hordes of other angry deathcore bands that infect and pollute our eardrums.  I’ve been listening to tons of music lately…make that tons of heavy music, and when I stated listening to Aegaeon I was instantly impressed with the bands ability to write intriguing music that keeps you interested all the way through the album.

Ok, another knock about deathcore or even heavy hardcore, what’s up with everyone playing a creepy three note lead line?  It was Impending Doom that I believe did it the best on “Serpent Servant” but now everyone and their mom is playing ambient and creepy three note lead lines!  That’s cool I guess, but I would argue that there are many more “musical” things you can do with the guitar and within the genre.  Which is why I was sort-of awestruck when I was listening to “Reshaping the Mulverse.”  There’s a ton of cool major seventh arpeggios coupled with thick orchestration during this song.  It even fades out into this epic Lord of the Rings worthy orchestral piece.  Very nice!  This band offers the genre so much more…well, than it probably deserves.  So, thank you Aegaeon!

If you’re going to buy a deathcore album in the coming days make it “The Dissention” by Aegaeon.  You can get it at their BigCartel store and on iTunes.