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Yes, it’s me, that dork with the huge computer. I’m at your wi-fi hotspot today. When I chose to get a Mac, I didn’t go for the sophisticated, portable look, I wen’t straight for the thing what would give me the most power for the cheapest price. And now my tired arm, and social status is paying for what my wallet couldn’t. But seriously though, it’s not that heavy to lug around. And maybe soon I can get one of those sweet iMac bags.  But yeah, this thing is going on tour with us so its going to see a lot of other great places, countless McDonalds,’ truck stops and coffee shops. It may seem like I’m practicing for tour, bringing my big computer out when we’re back home, but it’s really because out on the farm we don’t have internet. Right now I’m staying with our drummer J Michael who lives on a farm outside of Hillsboro. It’s a great place, the only bummer is that we have to drive at least 10 or 15 minutes to get online. A couple times we’ve chilled outside of J Michael’s aunt and uncle’s house on their back deck. It looked sketch, dogs were barking at us constantly as we sipped our Dews and surfed the net, did some e-mails, and of corse got on Facebook to stay connected with the outside world.

The photos that I’ve included are from two of our favorite spots. One is from The Well in Mcpherson. A beautiful coffee house and Christian book store. I can stay there all day and not get bored. I’m pretty much a regular now, most people know who I am. I’ve even showed a few interested people my computer. I’m pretty sure I’m going to send Apple a bill for my freelance sales work because I basically sold two more iMacs. I gave a detailed run-down of the specs, went to the apple website and explained the features and reliability. Maybe I should apply.  The second photo is of Nathan Holthus and I, the previous Skies guitarist, hanging out at an acoustic show at The Well.

The other photo is from a gas station in Hillsboro that has a fewbenches to sit on. The gas station is called AmPride. I think that’s short for American Pride, it’s an official wi-fi hotspot.  Most gas stations don’t do that. We definitely get the most awkward looks when we go here. The cops come in to get coffee and ask what were doing. Other people awkwardly glare at us as they grab their beer of choice from the fridge. It seems like these things shouldn’t be together in the same place. Desktop computers, intense internet surfing, alcohol sales, gasoline sales and the Hillsboro Police. Anyways, things turned out alright; we try and remain friendly so we can keep coming back.


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Hey friends, family and distant onlookers, I’m just fore warning you about my new and exciting tour blog!  You’ll be sure to hear about such schnanigans as stolen Justin Beiber cut-outs and 2am fireworks at Wal-Mart right here!!!  Yep, those were pretty much the highlights from the last tour.  I was caught on mall surveillance in a certain city in Arkansas removing a life-size Justin Beiber cut-out from a department store.  The intention was to display our amazingly cool band merch on the Beiber and see rapid increases in our sales.  We failed to foresee the jail-worthy consequences of our actions and received a phone call and Facebook message that if we did not return the Beiber soon, we would have charges pressed.  I really didn’t feel like going to jail for stealing a piece of cardboard shaped like the coveted teen idol that countless screaming kids across the nation adore.  So we took one last look at his lip gloss crusted face, shot a few sentimental pics with our phones and returned Justin to the mall cops.

I really hope to document our daily experiences on the road, the good, the bad, and the seemingly random things that happen as we travel the country to play underground shows for hopefully more than 15 people.  Feel free to post some comments or put it up on your Facebook wall if you find that day particularly interesting.  There’s going to be a “Free Chik-fil-A Meeter” so you can tell if we got fed that day as well as daily gas tank status and other great widgets.  So stay tuned, the tour officially begins September 6th in Salina Kansas.

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